11 Trends in SEO strategy aimed at dominating digital marketing

In terms of online presence, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the backbone of brands. It takes effort and time to rank higher on SERP — and becomes even more challenging with trends that change without notice of a moment. Google is a popular (and even notorious) anamorphous search engine to roll out changes in its search algorithms quite often.

The year 2019 brought Google’s fresh updates-some radical enough to ensure a swift departure from the usual SEO effort in the past by professionals. Google is bringing a lot of changes from the V’s (Video, Voice, and Vernacular) to the emphasis on local queries due to changing internet consumption.

Let’s look at some of these changes and what they mean:

1. Still, content is the dominant factor

To provide users with authentic, detailed, and complete information, the content of websites will remain Hobson’sChoice to boost SEO efforts. Digital marketers and stalwarts from SEO need to highlight unique content that appeals to readers. Content must be in context and should not deviate from the main line of events in the industry. It should not be a smug illustration devoted to self — esteem and emphasizing limited business virtues.

In addition, content needs to be so detailed that there should be a promising content cluster for readers looking to secure comprehensive information on specific topics and all their aspects.

2. Mobile apps in addition to the SEO strategy

Sterling mobile apps will call the shots from this year onwards, offering a range of features and boosting business goals among target customers. However, the element of importance and popularity will be a slight change in Google ranking factors. Such apps are developed by social media and online forums to gather users.

A heads-up to the SEO community: stress on building exclusive business apps, finely tuned with business ads. These apps should enable easy lead generation and sales full throttle.

3. Local queries and Google My Business to increase results

Google wants us to get older and look forward with intent to local business interests. Registering onGoogle Mapsis is essential for a small business or SMB with limited business scope. Google My Business ‘ business profile adds another level of authenticity and boosts results with local search queries.

4. Multiple languages for website information

As the ultimate source of information worldwide, Google has gained credibility. Websites that display information in multiple languages are given preference across geographical quarters to promote the idea of globalization.

In other words, to cater for a global audience, the website should be translation — friendly. SEO professionals should consider tweaking their websites to enable multiple languages in order to generate a greater number of clicks and address the preference of users.

5. Video, voice and vernacular searches

Since users hunting for specific products or services are estimated at a whopping 320 million worldwide, Google has decided to take a step in this arena. The websites will be located as a strong hint to our ever-insightful SEO executives through voice searches against a set of keywords spanning industries. To decipher and process voice — based queries, websites need to program the lines of code accordingly.

In addition, internet users in vernacular languages have seen huge growth, according to a recent study. Over 70% of Indians prefer local language content to surf. Video has a similar story to tell and accounts for 75% of India’s total mobile traffic. Over 95% of online video consumption is in vernacular languages.

The whole digital ecosystem is changing, with more focus on the digital media’s 3V: video, voice, and vernacular.

6. Online forums and cleverly reviewed communities

Through real-time user reviews, businesses and websites are manipulated for ranking. Working on such a principle, explicit algorithms are written in which user reviews of metadata targeting a product range or service. Such an idea is quite broad; it involves recording opinions on online forums in favor of or against a specific product.

Here we need to listen to what people think about us in forums and what our company or website enjoys as a notion for SEO efforts. Appropriate steps should be taken to gradually refine it.

7. Optimizing the image is crucial

Google searches are largely seen inundated with images, forcing SEO professionals (especially those working for ecommerce websites) to derive immense fortunes from such a perspective. Furthermore, since Google also taps machine learning to uncover images, we need to post pixel — perfect, real — time images of product imbibing relevance to their texture.

8. Review the most important ranking parameters over and over again

Backlinks are generally rightly considered a prominent effort that affects searches. They are highly exploited because they have a significant impact on searches and are one of the most prominent SEO black hat practices. Thus, as an antidote to such a threat, the behavior of users is placed under constant scanner on any of the navigational links.

Such an aspect can hardly be overlooked for SEO engineering. In a context where websites are searched against a given query, it is important to crafta content cluster.

Likewise, links need to be built from a website array that dominates a given niche rather than the other way around. In addition, at all costs, unwanted traffic should be avoided. A content strategy should align perfectly with the target audience’s demands. At each stage of the purchase process, a good content strategy will offer solutions to the customer’s queries and doubts.

9. Videos with the next shift

While searching for information, one generally develops a solidified and widely integrated knowledge through videos instead of reading data volumes as textual representation. In other words, by placing a number on every aspect of video interaction, Google is all set to manage data. Calculated number of views, likes or dislikes, video sharing, comments, and so on.

This tectonic shift in favour of videos should alert SEO executives to empathise with video explanations highlighting any process in a given industry. Furthermore, objects discussed in media content are generally captured through advanced machine learning as deployed by Google for such an underlying reason. For SEO, videos that are simply another version of contentthat should be given priority,followed by a briefsummary of information.

10. Quick results and faster ROI by custom search

As one’s interactions against a given keyword are manipulated, user preferences and past actions play a decisive role. Those sailing in the ever-expanding SEO ocean must therefore be sufficiently tactful to capture at least (and at best) single interaction with all clients / customers categorized as hot leads in a specific geographical area.

In such an effort, PPC campaigns should be executed while giving a boost to Facebook ads to allow crowd traction to click on the website in any industry. The underlying advantage is that when a keyword or any such query is searched, organically website pages relevant to the keyword or search query will begin to appear in SERP.

11. Lay copyright and multimedia content of third parties to Rest

Google is improving in multi — media contexts of all kinds, including music and videos. We also need to sail along the tide of originality to ensure a draw of great luck and fortune for our websites and restrict the creation of videos and multimedia that are copyrighted or owned by others. For best results, skilled graphic designers with company name and logos should be roped in to carve and store images.

Similarly, artists can be contacted for consent to use their work on platforms such as SoundCloud. Usually they agree because it promotes them across the board. Finally, a thumbs — up should be given to future artists and talent by including their work on the website. In short, under all circumstances and in all weather, it is necessary to accentuate originality and to discourage duplicity and dubious play of things as the eyes and sight of Google improve.

Originally published at https://planetstoryline.com on March 29, 2019.